A mystery that mother nature created
over approximately 250 million years.


About Hida Great Limestone Cave

The Hida Great Limestone Cave is located between Hida Takayama and the Okuhida Onsengo (Nyukawacho, Takayama, Gifu Prefecture). Running a total length of about 800 meters, it is among the greatest tourist limestone caves in Japan, abounding with sights to see.

Situated at an altitude of 900 meters, it is the highest tourist limestone cave in the country.
Temperatures in the cave are stable year-round averaging a cool 12°C, making it a choice retreat from the summer heat!

With an array of attractions aside from the touring of the cave, families and couples alike are sure to enjoy their time here with us. Pets are also allowed to tour the caves, providing enjoyment for the entire family.



The Hida Great Limestone Cave is divided into three sections from Cave 1 to Cave 3.
Each section has its own exit points. The section following Exit 2 has steep pathways. If you have concerns regarding your back and lower body strength or overall stamina, we recommend you exit at either Exit 1 or Exit 2.

Approximate time needed from the Limestone Cave entrance to Exit 1 is 10 min. To Exit 2 is 20 min and to Exit 3 is 30 min.
[From Exit 3 to the parking lot is about a 8-min walk]
*All required times are rough estimates.

Reccommended Spots

Ryuuguu No Ya Kei

Ryuuguu No Ya KeiCave 1(Nightscape of the Dragon's Palace)

This surreal scene greets you upon entering the Hida Great Limestone Cave. It is deliberately lit with red and blue lights to prevent moss from growing.

Dream Palace

Dream PalaceCave 2

These icicle-like stalactite straws are one of the features of the Great Hida Limestone Cave, and can be found in large quantities.

Aishin Spot

Aishin SpotCave 2

An underground tunnel that connects Cave 1 to Cave 2. Colorful LED lights stage a mystical atmosphere. If it's true to its name – which literally translated means "Love deepening spot," couples passing through this tunnel might just find their relationship strengthened!?

Moon World

Tsuki No SekaiCave 3(Moon World)

Beware—the pathway to this site is very narrow. Formed of cave coral, the dramatic cleft in the rock is a sight to see!

More sites to see!


Ohashi Collection Kan Museum

Ohashi Collection Kan Museum

"An art collection museum established in addition to the Hida Great Limestone Cave. Around 1,000 artworks and articles of adornment from around the world are on display here. The Ohashi Collection Kan Museum is located in front of the Limestone Cave entrance. Please come and take a look! Admission to the museum is included in Limestone Cave admission fee. "

The block of gold The block of gold that was stolen in March of 2007... → Read More

Hida Great Limestone Cave & Round-trip Bus Ticket (Depart from Takayama Nohi Bus Center)

This valuable set ticket includes a round-trip bus from Takayama Nohi Bus Center to the entrance to the limestone cave and an admission ticket to the limestone cave.

SET Ticket Regular Price Advance Tickets
Adult JPY 2,900 JPY 2,560
Intermediate school JPY 2,350 JPY 2,040
Elementary school JPY 1,450 JPY 1,330

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The block of gold

  • The block of gold 1
  • The block of gold 2
  • The block of gold 3
  • The block of gold 4

The block of gold that was stolen in March of 2007. The thieves were arrested roughly three months after the robbery. The gold was returned in April 2008. However, a portion had already been sold off by the thieves and the once 100-kg gold bullion has been reduced to 71.7 kg (current value approximately 220 mil JPY).

Reviews & Gallery

Hours and access information


Open year-round (365 days)

April to October8:00 am to 5:00 pm (closes at 5:30 pm)
November to March9:00 am to 4:00 pm (closes at 4:30 pm)
*Please note that hours differ according to season.

Parking capacity

20 buses, 300 cars (free of charge)


Adult (High school and over) JPY 1,100
Child (Elementary and Junior high school) JPY 550
Group (20 or more people) Adult JPY 900, Child JPY 350
*Charge covers admission for both the Hida Great Limestone Cave and the Ohashi Collection Kan Museum.

If you are using public bus transportation, disembark at Shounyudo-guchi bus stop and call us for pick-up service to the caves.